Palm Springs Body Mind and Spirit Weekend Sept 23-25, 2016
Featuring the best in body, mind spirit practioners


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$10 PSBMS Entry
includes access to all classes, 
spiritual counselors, healers and vendors. 
Love donations (tips) greatly appreciated.
FREE passes are available for a limited time. Click here.

(Most classes are about 45 minutes. Classes will be limited seating of 10-15 so make sure to RSVP early to save your space

Schedule is subject to change rev 092315


7pm-8pm Sound Healing with Scott Meredith


11am-11:15am Opening Ceremony

12pm-12:45pm Crystals and Chakras with Gitte Europa

1pm-1:45pm Developing Intuition with Patrick Harrington

2pm-2:45pm Tarot For Beginners with Shaktima Brien

3pm-3:45pm Shamanism with Earl Nissen

4pm-4:45pm Wicca 101 with Theresa Lynch

7pm-9pm Sound Healing Experience with Scott Meredith and Carl Roessler - in cooperation of 100 Thousand Poets and Musicians for Change - a world wide event for peace.


11am-12pm Pendulums 101 with Patricia Smith

12pm-12:45pm Flower Esssences with Victoria

1pm-1:45pm Hypnosis with Jim Torbet

2pm-2:45pm Reiki Introduction with Reiki Masters Gitte Europa

3pm-3:45pm Numerology For Beginners with Ronda MacNeil

5pm-5:45pm Be Your Own Coach with Lee Jason Friend

Limited seating for classes. RSVP   


Sample our gifted group of healers and readers. 
Sessions are about 15 minutes. Sign up at front counter. Love donations (tips) are appreciated! 

Patrick Harrington (Sat 11-5, Sun 11-5)
3rd Generation Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient, Palmistry

Ronda MacNeil (Sat 12-8, Sun 12-6)
Numerology, Life Path, Power Animals, Past Life, Reiki Master

Patricia Smith (Sat 11-5, Sun 11-5)
Chakra Reading, Numerology, Healing

Theresa Lynch (Sat 11-8, Sun 12-6)
Tarot Card Reader

Shaktima Brien (Sat 11-8, Sun 11-6)
Tarot Card Reader, Dream Interpretation (English, French)

Miguel Criado (Sat 11-5, Sun 11-5)
Tarot Card Reader (English, Spanish)

Earl Nissen (Sat 11-5)
Tarot Card Reader, Reiki Master (English, Spanish)

Paula Stinson (Sun 11-6)
Cards of Destiny

Gitte Europa (Healing Room: Sat 11-5, Sun 11-5)
Crystal and Energy Healer, Reiki Master (English, German)

Lee Jason Friend (Healing Room: Sat 11-5, Sun 11-5)
New Thought New Action New Life Oracle, Life Coach

Victoria Kooyenga (Healing Room: Sat 11-5, Sun 11-5)
Flower Essences

Jim Torbet (Healing Room: Sat 11-5, Sun 11-5)
Hypnotist, Life Coach, Guided Meditation

The weekend event opens on Friday September 23 with a Sound Healing Ceremony facilitated by Scott Meredith. The following days feature many diverse and eclectic offerings geared toward Alternative Healing and Intuitive Arts and Services like Mediumship, Tarot, Angels & Spirit Guides, Reiki Healing, Reflexology, Aura Reading, Crystals, Numerology, Astrology, Sound Healing, Aromatherapy, Oracles, Crystal Healing, Chakra Balancing, Past Lives, Palmistry, Massage, Art, Crafts and Jewelry along with spiritual counselors, readers, workshops, classes, artists and musicians.   
The event offers free consultations with healers, readers, and spiritual counselors. The hours on Saturday September 24 are from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday September 25 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Last year over 600 people experienced this exciting, yet intimate, Palm Springs gathering of spiritual counselors, wellness professionals and healers.

Limited seating for classes. RSVP